Exploring the Islands in The Maldives with Indian Ocean Charters

The islands in the Maldives cover an area of approximately 820km from north to south and 130km from east to west.

There are around 1200 islands in the Maldives, of which approximately 200 are permanently inhabited and around 100 are tourism resorts.

These islands are grouped together into 26 clusters, also known as atolls, which consist of coral reefs on top of a volcanic mountain range that rests around 50 meters below the surface.

sailing in the Maldives

Maldives Holidays – Private Yacht Charter Maldives

Most people choose one of the many magnificent island resorts for their Maldives holidays. However, exploring the islands in the Maldives by catamaran is arguably the best way to experience the magic of this independent island country.

Here, you have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be the only person on an island that is untainted by anything concrete or man-made.

Diving Amidst the Islands in The Maldives

When embarking on a dream yacht charter with us, we take you to the most remarkable diving sites in The Maldives.

Our crew members know about all the hidden underwater gems which will make for one of the most memorable diving holidays you’ll ever experience.

With abundant marine life ranging from clown fish to giant manta rays and whale sharks, there is no shortage of magic under these warm, Indian Ocean waters.

Indian Ocean Charters

When choosing us for your catamaran cruise through the islands in The Maldives, we offer you the opportunity to customize your itinerary.

Our crew members will discuss your needs with you in order to gain a clear understanding of what you want out of your holiday, before plotting the perfect route to make all your Maldives holiday dreams come true.

Whether you're on a fishing, diving, exploring or relaxing holiday, our team will ensure every one of your needs are met.

For more information about our private charters in the Maldives, or for an idea of what your itinerary may look like, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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