Things to do in Maldives - 4 Famous and Unforgettable Shipwrecks

Below the surface of the crystal-clear waters are many remains of ships from the last centuries that tried to navigate the shallow territories between the numerous atolls in the Maldives.

These shipwrecks create challenging diving experiences as they have been engulfed with abundant marine life.

British Loyalty, Addu Atoll

Found close to the Addu Atoll between 16 and 33 meters below the surface is the 140-meter-long cargo ship, named British Loyalty, which sunk in active battle after being torpedoed by the Japanese during World War 2.

The giant hole in the side of the ship formed by the torpedo is the perfect entrance for divers to swim through before exploring the inside of the ship.

Fesdu Wreck, North Ari Atoll

Found off the shore of Fesdu Resort Island is the Fesdu Wreck which ended its life as a fishing trawler before nestling itself between 24 and 29 meters below the surface.

Since then, it has become a haven for many forms of coral life which in turn provides a home and feeding ground for a variety of marine life.

Kuda Giri, South Male Atoll

This former fishing trawler deliberately sunk to 31 meters in 2014, creating a favorable dive site, especially at night.

Khuda Maa, South Ari Atoll

South of Ari Atoll and 28 to 31 meters below the water’s surface, the Khuda Maa shipwreck can be found.

After ending its life as a Japanese freighter, this 52-meter-long vessel was deliberately sunk in 1999 in order for it to embark on its new and final journey as an artificial coral reef.

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The Maldives boasts infinite diving opportunities and these are just some of the many shipwrecks which can make for a truly unforgettable underwater experience.

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