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Experience the exquisite coral reefs and endless islands of the the Maldives on a private yacht charter with Indian Ocean Charters.

The Republic of the Maldives

The Maldives encompasses 26 Atolls, spread from North to South over approximately 800km. These Atolls form the foundation for over 1200 islands and many more reefs and sandbanks.

Between December and May the wind blows from an Easterly direction, bringing a ‘dry season’ whereas Westerly winds bring a ‘wet’ season from May to November. However, temperatures remain high and showers light and occasional, making Maldives a year-round destination.

Boat Charters Maldives - Indian Ocean Charters - photo taken from Hurawalhi

Design your own Maldives yacht charter

Our itineraries are based on our clients’ preferences to sail, fish, snorkel, dive or explore uninhabited islands. As there are numerous secure anchorages across all Atolls, our itineraries are not planned in great detail.

Instead, a general direction is prepared, with the daily planning depending on your interests and the weather.

The start and finish of a charter is usually at the Male Airport, which is in North Male Atoll, located centrally in the Maldives. However, pick-up or drop off from other areas can be arranged.

What to expect on your luxury catamaran charter?

Boat Charters Maldives

A typical itinerary for a 7 day charter:

(based on Going North; going South would have a similar itinerary)

Day 1: Arrival at Male Airport. To diverge from the busy area around Male,  you would sail North-West to Himmiya Faru on the outside of North Male Atoll. This is a well protected reef with excellent snorkelling and fishing spots and this may provide an opportunity for the first dive.

Day 2: Cross-over to Goidhoo Atoll,  one of the smaller Atolls. The catamaran will anchor close to the entrance of the Atoll next to a small sand bank where the visibility is 30 meters on incoming tide.  Again there are infinite opportunities for exceptional snorkelling, fishing and diving.

Day 3: Only a small trip will take you to the south of Baa Atoll where the yacht will anchor next to the uninhabited island Bodufinolhu, which can be explored at leisure.

Boat Charters Maldives

Day 4: Sailing further North inside Baa Atoll will take you past the lagoon of Hanifaruhura, the area with the highest presence of Manta-Rays. During the day you would continue sailing on to the sand bank of Vandhoomaa Faru to lay anchor for the night.

Boat Charters Maldives - Image taken from Dive into Life

Day 5: Cross-over to the East to Lhaviyani Atoll. You can enter the Atoll past Naifaru where you can snorkel or dive at the Naifaru wreck. Later on,  the catamaran will anchor at Dhidhoo, an uninhabited island in the South-West of the Atoll.

Day 6: Sail across to the small Atoll of Gaafaru. The yacht would once again anchor at the entrance of the atoll, where you will find the finest snorkelling and fishing. If the weather is calm, you can snorkel or dive at the wreck of Lady Christine, which stranded on the outside of the Atoll.

Day 7: Slowly move south throughout the Male Atoll to be able to spend the night within the required distance to Male.

Day 8: After some snorkelling or fishing, sail back to Male Airport.

Indian Ocean Charters - Your Yacht Charter in the Maldives

Forward us a list of your preferred activities and interests so that we are able to design a personalised itinerary, just for you.

For more information about our charters, activities and prices please feel free to contact us.

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